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Equine > Onsite Facilities
Full operating suite - Our padded room is used to safely anaesthetise horses and is linked directly a dedicated operating theatre. A purpose built winch is used to lift horses from the padded room onto the operating table. When under anaesthetic we can directly monitor blood pressure and oxygen concentration of the blood. Equine patients recover from their anaesthetic in the padded room which is fitted with CCTV so they can be watched at all times.

Our padded anaesthetic room linked to the large animal theatre The large animal theatre with operating table and winch Trot-up area for lameness evaluation Covered stable area

Stables, equine hospitalisation and paddocks - Having stables on site allows close monitoring of any patients requiring hospitalisation. Common reasons for hospitalisation include colic, management of chronic wounds, more extensive lameness investigations and cases in need of intravenous fluids. The paddocks are used for turn out when needed.

Stocks - Using stocks increases the safety for both our equine patients and the vets/nurses when carrying out procedures such as reproductive work, rectal examinations during colic evaluation, advanced dentistry procedures and ultrasonography of horses with suspected back pain.

Trot up area - Our level trot up area is used for investigations of lameness and other gait abnormalities. There is room for lunging in the paddocks when required. There is also a special flat pad for measuring height.

Equine examination room - This is used for taking x-rays, ultrasound examinations, endoscopy, performing nerve blocks and minor surgical procedures performed on conscious patients. Having this room provides a clean, quiet and calm environment for our patients on the occasional days when Cumbrian weather is not warm, sunny and wind-free!

Weigh bridge - This is vital for gaining accurate weights for patients prior to anaesthetics and also allows owners to monitor the weight of their horse/pony. Considering the range of diseases that can be caused by obesity we feel this is a vital piece of equipment.