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We aim to make our fee structure fully transparent. Estimates are available for any procedure and we will endeavour to keep you informed if costs do not remain in line with the estimate. Some procedures have fixed fees, examples of which are provided below. Please contact the surgery if you would like more information on our pricing structure.

Please note that we do not offer any artificially low fees for services that are then subsidised by high fees for other procedures. The fee examples below should therefore not necessarily be used to make like for like comparisons with other practices. Please click on the relevant box to see fees.

All prices quoted include VAT

Small Animal Consultation Fees
Small animal consultations are charged on a sliding scale, with follow-up examinations for the same condition reducing in price. Ten minute appointments are standard, but for more complex cases or those requiring more time we will book double appointments, usually at no extra charge.

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All vaccination fees include a full examination and consultation with a vet. Your pet can be weighed and microchip checked.

Puppy and kitten checks before their first vaccination are free of charge.

First puppy and kitten vaccinations are given a double appointment to allow time to discuss feeding, parasite control, routine health care and any other queries you may have as a new owner.

We also offer a vaccination amnesty. Dogs and cats that have previously been vaccinated by us but have gone out of date with their vaccinations can have a complete primary course for the price of a booster vaccination.

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All cat dog and rabbit neutering is performed under general anaesthesia. Your pet is admitted to the practice on the morning of the day of surgery. The anaesthesia is induced by one of our vets and monitored throughout by one of our team of qualified veterinary nurses. The recovery from anaesthesia is monitored closely for any sign of problems or stress.

Painkillers are always given before surgery and to go home with when your pet is collected, later the same day. Post-operative checks are routinely carried out the following day, for which there is no extra charge.

Sutures are removed 10 days post-operatively at no cost.

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Total fees for veterinary attention for your horse may vary according to whether the examination is carried out at the surgery or as a visit.

Examples of fees for some routine procedures are attached here. If you would like more details then please feel free to get in touch with the practice Please note prices do not include visits fees.

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We have a range of pricing structures available for our farm clients. Farm animal work is charged at a highly competitive level.

The traditional way was to charge for visits and individual animal examination and treatments on the farm. This method still tends to apply to the smaller units or where we don't attend on a regular basis.

Most regularly visited farms are on an hourly rate which is under £100 an hour, linked with discounted drug purchases.

Some dairy farms are on a 'pence per litre' contract which includes all visits and time on farm and again with discounted drug purchases. There are a number of options and if you would like to discuss which best suits your farm, please feel free to contact the practice.