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A fractured radius and ulna after a road accident and the same limb after repair with bone plate, screws and a bone pinRadiography –X-rays are a vital tool in the investigation and monitoring of disease. Radiography is used on a daily basis for musculoskeletal, abdominal and other soft tissue conditions, cardiac investigations, tumour staging and as an aid in the management of dental cases. We have a dedicated x-ray suite housing advanced digital radiography. The quality of image gained by digital radiography is dramatically higher than from conventional film radiography enabling us to gain more information from the pictures taken. It can also reduce the number of radiographs we need to take therefore reducing the amount of radiation the patient is exposed to. We have radiography equipment for taking images of all patients, from gerbils to Great Danes.

Ultrasonography – Ultrasound uses reflected sound waves to create a moving image of the area being scanned. We have a large clinic based ultrasound scanner fully fitted with colour flow doppler and a range of probes. This allows us to accurately image any size of patient from a kitten to a Great Dane. Abdominal, cardiac, reproductive tract and eye conditions are routinely investigated using ultrasound.

Jess examines a dog's upper respiratory tract with a small endoscope Jess using an ultrasound scanner on a dog's abdomen Jess and Chris perform a detailed eye examination Chris adjusts lighting for Alex during an orthopaedic operation

Endoscopy – Endoscopes are essentially flexible cameras that allow us to see inside the patient via the respiratory or gastrointestinal tract. The practice has a range of endoscopes allowing us to visualise the  respiratory tract, oesophagus, stomach and some parts of the intestine. They are used for sample collection, taking biopsies and sometimes removing foreign bodies e.g. swallowed toys from dogs’ stomachs.

Chris Dixon examines a cat's retina Healthy, fit and full of bounce Contentment Kim monitors an anaestheitc during an x-ray

Ophthalmology - We have recently invested in a range of advanced ophthalmology equipment. This means we can fully examine all aspects of the eye, measure intraocular pressure and perform ophthalmic surgery under magnification. Our ultrasound scanner is capable of providing an image of the globe which can be useful in diagnosing conditions such as a detached retina and ocular growths. All our consultation rooms are fitted with lighting that can be dimmed for ophthalmic examinations.

Medicine - We aim to provide a very high standard of medical care to all our small animal cases . We routinely investigate and treat a wide range of medical disorders with the aid of our equipment that also includes electrocardiogram, doppler blood pressure monitor, infusion pump and critical care tent. Jess Gillon holds the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Certificate in Small Animal Medicine and is very interested in all medical cases.

Surgery –We have a dedicated operating theatre that is managed to ensure high standards of sterility. We carry out both soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery. Our orthopaedic equipment allows us to carry out both internal and external fixation for the repair of fractures. We also have surgical suction, electrocautery and surgeon-mounted magnification for delicate procedures. Vet Alex Kirby has a keen interest in surgery and has gained experience in many procedures, particularly orthopaedics.

Dentistry - Small animal dentistry is one of the most common (and important) procedures that the practice performs. We have a modern dental machine with water-cooled high speed drill, ultrasonic scaler and motorised polishing. In 2012 the practice invested in modern dental x-ray facilities in order to be able to fully evaluate dental disease in our patients. We also have specialised dental equipment for safe and effective management of dental disease in rabbits and rodents.

Oncology – Treatment options in the management of tumour based disease are rapidly developing and expanding. Accurate tumour diagnosis and staging, coupled with surgery and anti-cancer drug therapy means we are able to manage many of these difficult diseases very effectively.