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The Veterinary Centre, Carleton, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 8TZ
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Small Animal > Hospitalisation Facilities
Nursing - Our team of qualified nurses provide compassionate and expert care to all patients and essential assistance for our vets in a range of procedures. They also run nurse clinics to give free advice on caring for your pet, particularly with regard to dental care and  the management of obesity. We are an RCVS approved Veterinary Nurse Training Centre and all our nurses are actively involved in CPD (Continuing Professional Development).

Warming new born pups during a caesarian section operation on a bitch Alex and Kim treat a hospitalised red squirrel infected with the squirrel pox virus Vet Sam Mauchlen with a Newfoundland on the weigh bridge Checking my weight!

Canine and Feline kennels - Dogs and cats are kennelled in separate areas. All kennels can be used for cases requiring intravenous fluids. We also have a walk in kennel for giant breed dogs and separate isolation facilities for infectious cases.

Operating Theatre - Our theatre is equipped with two adjustable operating tables, piped gases and ceiling mounted specialist operating lights. It is used solely for surgery in order to maintain the highest standards of hygiene.

Prep Room - The prep room is the "hub" of the small animal department and links the kennels, radiography suite, operating theatre and consultation rooms. It is where patients are examined and prepared for surgery and where non-sterile procedures such as dentistry and dermatology are carried out.

Consultation rooms - There are three air-conditioned consultation rooms, one of which can be completely darkened so that ophthalmologic and ultrasound examinations can be performed.

Weighing scales - We have three sets of scales capable of accurately weighing everything from a hamster up to the heaviest dogs - our largest set weigh up to 400kg to within 0.1kg accuracy (or up to 1500kg at 0.5kg accuracy for real record breakers!)