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We are seeing an increasing number of back-yard and rare-breed poultry cases. Recently there has been a significant increase in the number of small poultry flocks and owners often want individual treatment of their birds similar to that they might expect for their dog or cat. We are very happy to see such cases at out clinic.

A proud mother A healthy brood of chicks

Veterinary Surgeons Martin Rook and Jess Gillon have attended a training course on the veterinary care of chickens run by poultry specialists from The St. David's Poultry team and Frame, Swift and Partners is an associated practice of 'The Chicken Vet'.

More information about 'The Chicken Vet' is available on their website at This useful resource includes articles on health and disease, a healthcare pathway diagnostic aid to assist owners trying to work out what the problem might be with an unwell chicken, and an online shop selling bespoke chicken vet products.

We are able to supply a range of chicken vet products direct to our clients. Please contact the surgery for more details.

Our practice does not offer any large scale commercial poultry services. Clients seeking this sort of provision should contact our local colleague, Barrie Fleming, one of the veterinary surgeons on the St. Davids Poultry Team (01228 370307, mobile 07826916920, e-mail )