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Vaccinations - Dog and cat vaccinations are highly effective at preventing certain infectious diseases. The fact that we hardly ever now see canine distemper is thanks to the development of effective vaccines. Unfortunately we do still see cases of canine parvovirus every year and cases of Feline Leukaemia Virus (FeLV) much more often than that. These are diseases that can be prevented with yearly vaccinations. The yearly vaccination also allows the vet to give your pet a thorough health check and discuss any concerns you have. If your pet has missed a booster we run a "vaccination amnesty" scheme where the primary course of two injections is given for the cost of a single booster.

Bath time! Keeping warm at night! Maintaining a healthy weight! Suzy performs a routine dental procedure

Worms - It might not be the most pleasant of topics but there are very real health risks for both you and your pets if they are carrying worms. Young children are particularly vulnerable. We stock a wide range of effective  products  to ensure they are free from unwanted visitors. We can supply wormers in tablet, granule, liquid or paste form. We also offer a worming injection or a spot-on that simply goes onto the skin, for those pets that don't enjoy pill popping!

I'm up-to-date with my flea and worm treatments - something to really shout about! Time for vaccinations! Fearnought George Formby on the weigh bridge!

Fleas, ticks  and other external parasites – Historically, fleas were generally a summer problem. Nowadays with warm, heated houses we see fleas all year round.  Ticks are also a significant problem in this area, particularly for dogs exercised off the lead. There are a range of products available for the treatment and prevention of external parasites. Often a skin spot –on preparation coupled with treatment of the environment is recommended.

Dentistry - Some dogs and cats go through life with the perfect smile and never need dental care. This is the exception rather than the rule, though. We see many cases of advanced periodontal disease, often resulting in multiple extractions, that could have been prevented. Early detection of tooth or gum disease and, ideally, regular brushing are the key to maintaining a healthy mouth.

Rabbits – Rabbits are the third most popular small animal pet in the UK and we are very keen to promote high standards of medicine and preventative care for them. Rabbits housed outdoors  are at a high risk of contracting myxomatosis. This disease can be prevented by annual vaccination.We also advise vaccination against Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (VHD), an acute and invariably fatal disease of rabbits which we see increasingly in this area.

We routinely neuter male and female rabbits for management or health reasons. Being herbivores, rabbits rely heavily on their teeth. Regular checks and dental treatment when needed  help to keep them in good condition.  Overgrown incisors can be trimmed with our specialised dental burr, though in extreme recurring cases incisor extraction is a successful alternative. Similarly, the molar teeth may become overgrown and cause painful ulcers on the tongue or cheeks and require rasping or burring under light sedation.  Lice and mites are commonly identified and treated . Just like cats and dogs, rabbits are also prone to internal parasites. There are now worming pastes designed specifically to keep your rabbit parasite free.